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Enough is enough! now Michelle Obama threatens that its going to get worse if people don’t comply! Mr President !Time to put an end to this violent behavior! And threats! Michelle should be arrested!

  • Mr President Donald J. Trump I agree with you. Praying for Senator Rand Paul and his wife. That should have never happened. I’m asking and begging you please make our country safe again. We the American people shouldn’t have to go to bed afraid of what’s going to happen due to all the riots and protesting. We need to protect our cities for us and especially our children and there future.
  • I love you Mr President Trump you have my vote for 2020 and my husbands too. God Bless America and may God keep a hedge of protection around and your family and all the innocent people. Especially our men and women who are fighting for our freedom and protecting us.
  • Just had an argument with a sleeping soul. They say rand should have security. “ how many, Americans, needed an escort after dnc. Absolutely zero. They were all asleep
  • It’s just so damn infuriating!!! Where are these cities leadership??? This is NOT peaceful protesting and it’s unacceptable! Democrats have just lost it and they are going to lose BIG in November as a result of all of this!

Yes! Right along with all of the people funding these so called “peaceful protest”. As I watched the videos of the “protesters” going after the cops, and people leaving the convention, I started to cry, and said to myself that this is not the America that I love, and this is not the America that I want to live in. This certainly isn’t the life I want for my kids and grandkids. I pray that all of this will come to an end, before more lives are lost or destroyed.

Yes and make an example out of them so the rest of those thugs will think twice before they try to pull the same garbage on the next people. Throw the book at them! They need to be stopped! They are getting bolder and bolder. They would have hurt or killed them had the police not been there and been so brave.

Your Wife – My Wife Dog And Jeep shirt, tank top, hoodie

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