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Oh, man… that just makes my heart swell. I went last year, on maybe my fifth or sixth visit, and still felt those same feelings as we took a late-night boat to St. Mark’s Square. We rounded the Dorsoduro, and I was able to point out the square to my wife, on her first visit there, when she went there with me last year. The magic of the city is neverending.

  • I had a similar experience…it is magical. I had to tell myself as we were on the boat from the airport that what I was seeing was real… We were actually in Venice… I stayed at Hotel Galleria, recommended by RS, across the canal from the beautiful yellow&white building in the pic. Simply lovely. I’ve been to Venice 5 times and hope to go 5 more. Will read the History of Venice by Julius Norwich before my next trip.
  • Thank you, great story! I love Venice too but in recent years there have been too many tourists. Absolutely loved Venice. We took your advice and wandered off the beaten path where there were no crowds. Taking the vaporetto in the morning before the crowds awoke and using your self-guided tour was so much fun.
  • We spent a week in Venice last year staying on a boat in a marina; we did some tourist things but that was our least favorite part of being there. We loved walking through our neighborhood park and over several canals to buy groceries. No cars, little alleys and neighborhoods, absolutely wonderful. It is my favorite place in Europe because of it’s uniqueness.

I’ve been to Venice several times and I always find it magical. As we were leaving the most recent time, we were on a taxi to the train station. It was a grey, stormy day and the lagoon was very crowded, with every kind of boat going every different direction in an uniquely Venetian dance. It’s a wonderful memory to carry with me until my next visit.

We loved Venice. We we’re there last year late September. Take a tour.. How to eat like a Venetian.. excellent food samples and toured outside the main tourist sights. One of our favorite cities… I love Venice and try to avoid the turist spots – you can still find som hidden gem – get excellent Italian food without paying a fortune – many warm thoughts to Venice – hope I can be back soon.


Your Butt Napkins My Lord Otter Poster

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