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they dont kill birds – except for the occassional owl. Owls are, for the most part nocturnal. Song birds and other raptors are diurnal (daytime). Great horned owls prefer skunks, rabbits, hedgehogs(Europe), and other mammals. In a world with so much hate and bad news this video is a wonderful example of how many good,caring, kind people there are in our world.

  • So thankful…. for the person who had been watching them from the start, to the people who rescued them from the end. Just fantastic! Sometimes Mother Nature needs a helping hand. It shows that birds and all animals love each other. Humans don’t have a monopoly on love. Great story and great rescue.
  • There’s no such thing than Mother Nature because the one that created the earth is the almighty God and son Jesus Christ there’s nowhere in the Bible that talks about Mother Nature that’s another way of worshipping idols.

I was just trying to make a nice comment about a great story. A story with a happy ending. What is it with people like you? What do you do just troll the internet looking for something you can start an argument about? I know they is not a woman named Mother Nature standing there with arms wide open helping the creatures of this earth.

It was just a saying. I know the Bible and I think in there it tells us to be nice and not to judge others. So why are you so quick to be nasty. I think you should read your bible. And you know what? I can worship any idol I want!!

I don’t judge because I’m not the one that’s going to be judging in the future it’s just the truth when Jesus was on Earth he told the religious leaders that they were and satan side, so there’s nothing wrong and saying what the Bible says because all glory and creation belongs to the almighty God and his son Jesus Christ. I see that you do read the Bible.


Your Butt Napkins My Lord Owl Poster

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