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I hope they find this owner and punish him like he is doing to the poor defenseless dog. He should be ashamed! Hope someone is able to save this dog, so why doesn’t someone stop him instead of taking pictures. I would be in jail but the dog would be safe. I am so sick of photos of horrid things happening to animals and no pictures of someone doing something about it.
  • And once again..ppl stand arnd. Videotaping thing’s instead of actually doing somethin. what I dnt know..I guess that wld depend personally .. but seriously ,, if that was me , I wld not just be standing there watching that happen! I wld record some and then scare the crap out of the guy and take the dog!
  • This is what is wrong with this country instead of helping the dog they take pictures instead. the person filming is just as guilty in my eyes. Put the dam camara down help the inocent dog.
  • Maybe the dog wanted to get away from him makes me sad hope he gets what he deserves well alot of people have seen him now, Glad the woman recorded this monster and hope the dog is safe and given to a loving family and this creep owner charged with animal abuse and prevented from owning pets
someone please take that dog away from him and refuse to allow him to own another animal. Give him 100 hours of volunteer work cleaning up poop at the local pet shelter and let us know his name.
Does not go back and they press charges on this jerk, I have a beautiful little cockapoo that went blind wind up getting glaucoma but I still love her and she’s my baby very spoiled by me and my husband! I can’t imagine hurting her like he did to the Dog
I wish I could of seen this in person although I’d be real thankful for the bail $$$ I would need. This guy needs to be outed for his shame, A pathetically sad little man. To beat and bully a small dog shows his character hope he doesn’t have children or a wife that he treats like that.

Will you shut up man Biden Harris 2020 shirt

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