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So this woman couldn’t find examples in her own life and how effective that response was for her so she had to make up silly examples. She’s obviously NEVER found herself in that situation.

  • I started watching this video for the title but then I got distracted admiring her perfect skin. Whether or not she has a filter on, I didn’t care. I was just mesmerized. In the end I have no idea what she said and thought you’d appreciate her gorgeous skin. Yup.
  • Just to let you know Socrates forced this method due to the unholy and continuesly arguments that he had from his wife, seriously though it’s the method that Greek women learn since birth and we always win our arguments
  • the last part doesn’t work so clearly in japan. foreigners talk too loud so we gotta learn to speak softer (yay for my already being softer spoken than average) and apologizing IS one of the ways to thank others, as well as just expwcted so you gotta use it a lot
  • Technically Socrates was ordered to poison himself as a death sentence… So is it really suicide? Just a blanket statement that he killed himself is a bit misleading…. You shouldn’t be spreading false information.

It’s manipulative image if the person you talking to know this methed as well and realizes what your doing then the do it to you well your doing it to them you would both be very confused and the conversation would go nowhere

The Socratic method doesn’t work if they lie or give a convincing reason as to why they said that. Not to mention, simply saying something like ‘Thats just how I like it’s and not answering any further questions shuts it down

Philosophical… not psycholgoical… also, not the purpose of the socratic method lol it is to find faults,but it’s more to win a debate where you dont want any fault in your own arguement to be shown. You dont get them to say what they mean, you eventually get them to contradict themself once and then you ask them to clarify the contradiction basically making them argue on your side instead of their own. It’s closer to reverse psychology in an argumentative form then a way to get people to say what they actually mean lol… but good try anyways

Socrates didn’t kill himself. It was a tradition for a person to choose how he/she was to die if found guilty of a crime or charge. According to Socrates, drinking poison was a better way to die so yeah he definitely DID NOT kill himself.

You know it’s me Cathy face mask

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