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I danced Norwegian dances with Auden Toven with the Maifest dancers at PLU (He was also my Norwegian prof). Then I danced with Nordiska in Seattle. My performance bunad was from Gudbrandsdal…beautiful! When I visited Norway they were so excited I could speak a little with the “old” people that my dad’s great aunt in Andvikgrend gave me her Hardanger bunad. We went back 2 years ago. Bergen has grown but Andvik is the same small village it was. Such lovely memories and such a beautiful land.

  • Just one year ago today we were in Norway. Such a gorgeous country and friendly people!We loved it all but especially the few days we spent just sitting on our deck overlooking the fjord in Aurland and the majesty of it all. Enjoyed this very much. I have relatives in Sweden so (having a big dose of Viking blood in me) this was doubly interesting for me. Thanks for your wonderful tales of Europe.(and scenes too of course.)
  • I once took my dad there to see where his parents came from. We visited relatives in the beautiful valley north of Lillehammer & they gave us a tour of the stunning scenery. Your Norway show inspired mine from the Fjord boat tour, hiking the glacier to an incredible stay at the Walaker Hotell. I would stay there again in a heart beat fabulous place. Thank you, you’re the best!

I would have been in Norway this week if not for COVID. I was so excited to visit the fjords, see the beauty of Norway and meet people living in one of the happiest countries. I believe I would have been at Geiranger Fjord today. Sure hope I can plan this trip for 2021. I, too, have Norwegian roots and visited in 2017 with family. We were so delighted with the whole experience! The people, food, scenery, cleanliness and our knowledgeable 2nd cousin made our trip the favorite of all we’ve taken. We want to go back!

My visit to Norway was an awakening for me. Caused me to take a few steps back and realize that there were other ways to live. To be content in what you have and revel in life’s beauty. Thank you for sharing this awesome pic and information, my wife’s family hails from the Bergen area of Norway (her grandfather came from there). We were hoping to go this fall but perhaps next year.


You don’t stop fishing when you get old You get old when you stop fishing poster

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