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Russell D Rogers If Beijing Biden pulls this rigged election off, his 4 years will be more hell for him than Trump has to experience. Guaranteed Biden won’t be able to up stand to what Trump has had to endure. Only difference will be, the republicans will be able to prove their allegations.

  • The Trump Tower NYC: Prior to the demolition of the old department store, a curator from the Metropolitan Museum of Art reached out to Trump and suggested that he could donate the popular sculptures on the building’s facade to the museum for a tax-deductible donation receipt for more than $ 200,000. Trump described this as a great idea, but then had the sculptures destroyed with pneumatic hammers, which triggered a very negative response in the press.
  • Due to the structural situation, wrecking balls and dynamite could not be used when the old building was demolished, and the work with pneumatic hammers and cutting torches was therefore very time-consuming. To this end, Trump deployed hundreds of illegal Polish immigrants in the spring and summer of 1980, who had to work 12 to 18 hours a day seven days a week without protective helmets and were paid very poorly and often not at all. Anyone who complained was threatened with deportation. Eventually a union stepped in and a lawsuit ensued that dragged on and ended in a settlement until 1999.

ven with the construction of his tower, Trump attached great importance to rapid progress. The workers were busy six days a week from early in the morning until late at night. In addition, Trump got involved – which was not unusual in the New York construction industry in those years – with the “Concrete Club”, a cartel controlled by the mafia unions and companies that drove up prices in the concrete industry through agreements and unwilling contractors went on strike.

Trump bought the concrete from a company owned by “Fat Tony” Salerno from the Genovese family and “Big Paul” Castellano from the Gambino family. He also came to terms with John Cody, whose New York Teamsters union controlled the cement transport. When the construction industry in the city was largely paralyzed by strikes in 1982, Trump Tower remained unaffected.

Alain Hogue fake news is legit. You voted for a person with Alzheimer’s dementia. Just YouTube Joe Biden gaffs Heck the idiot even endorsed President Trump at one point. No unlike the Democrats who cried the last 4 years I go on with my life. Too bad the Democrats had to cheat to win . Nice guys don’t murder babies; rape, torture and murder children. You ride with horse thieves, you hang with horse thieves! You are as guilty as they are!

Be strong when you are weak Be brave when you are scared Be badass everyday Mexican Folk Dancing poster

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