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It is my prayer that coming 7th December, 2020 we will have a very historic event with peace demonstration to the rest of the world. Ghanaians are going to prove to the whole world once again that when it comes to peace we are ambassador to it. Irrespective of who wins or losses, we will join hands and celebrate together because Ghana wins.

  • Nothing can separate Ghana from peace, no matter what happens during election period, we are United as one nation, one people with one destiny. If this is your dream as a Ghanaian, then start preaching peace and educate your party members, your family members, your friends and your community members about peace. Some are saying Nana Addo will win
  • Let’s all try in our best to do campaign without insults. If you are for Mahama, tell the electorates what Mahama did when in power, what he promised doing during 2016 election campaign, what he couldn’t do and what he is bringing on board this time and why we should vote for him.
  • This goes to NPP members and other parties as well. Stop doing duty politics that is full of insults and adopt a new way of influencing electorates and floating voters to vote for your party.  These are not prophects. unless u are lazy fool slugard who fails to read the Bible look at wat the Bible says Lk 16:16 and HEB 1:1.NDC prophect not BIBLE prophect.
I pray and cancel all this lies and fake prophecies in Jesus mighty name . Nothing will happen to Hon Ken Agyapong. God is tired of you people. Preach the kingdom of God and stop deceiving church members. We are tired of force prophets. Ad3n ???????
From the way this pastor started his prophecy, I can tell u he was just trying to be smart and creative… He behaved as if he didn’t know the full name of the man he was talking about. So sad, i remembered when my mother lost my younger sister 2months after her birth, it was very painful to lose someone, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Nobody should ever experience to lose someone

You are my sunshine Baby Groot Sunflower shirt, hoodie, tank top

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