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Mashallah you are teaching them what true Muslims should be like even when you are a revert. No more hate but love. May Allah grant us to always put this in practice for that is what Islam is. A religion of Peace  keep it up brother no matter how much they will hate just keep putting your beautiful message out there, may Allah bless you.

  • You are so right. These day, people just be busy by spy other people faults and judge them. which is , as you said, haram in Islam. Sadly even Muslims do that , may Allah guide us all to the right path. If people just focus on their own faults and try to correct them Instead of that, that will be better for them and they will reward by Allah. Be humble, love each other and be busy by correction of your own mistakes.
  • Remember that any one who change their life from normal to new situation will face many obstacles because the surrounding didnt change with us. Be strong and stay strong. Shall pray hard for you. I agreed with u it happens to me. I’m so relieved that I still have friends and family with me and not forget my boyfriend the only one Allah. As a Muslim we need to stand together.

Just be careful to not fall into the wahabi trap. You approached the possible converts in the beginning and made a huge impact. But right now you are not addressing the same group. Pls sincerely give this some thought. I hope youtube, tik tok, ig etc delete & ban this type of culture.. its so depressing to know of this type of people exist & scot free to hate & terrorise people mentally & emotionally. May Allah open their hearts & clean their mental state.

You know Daud, islamophobia has been spread around the world. Why? Coz Islam brought the truth that not all people like it. They dont see from their need, but they see from what they want. So bad to say that. But, dont hesitate, youre in the right way, insyaAlloh. Alloh with you n grant Jannah as your patience of the unfair world.


Wu-Tang Clan Ugly Christmas Hoodie

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