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So, the guy who cheated to get into college and cheated to get out of Vietnam and cheated on wives and cheated on his taxes and cheated students at his scam university and cheated donors to his fake charity is trying to cheat his way out of an election loss? Did you Nazi that coming??

  •  If open is synonymous with honesty your statement is totally absurd. This poses is a pathological liar who’s approaching 25,000 lies told since he’s been in office. Smart people like this liberal keep track of these things.
  •  Well, It sure looks like the Republican voters do not want trump for president besides his blind followers. And it’s not because of the Democrats! I am totally surprised that Lindsay Graham and Mitch MCConnell were voted back in. Sure looks like the Senate will stay Republican. So, this tells me Republicans voted for Republican senators, but voted Biden for president.
  • Why was Presidential election the only fraudulent process? Republicans picked up 7 seats in the house, held onto majority in the Senate, those results are legit, but President was cheated? It’s amazing how many resources will be wasted because Trump can’t accept that he lost.

well you could review the results like I did. You all choose to be stupid. There was a record turn out of voters. In Florida where I live and where Trump won. 90% of registered voters participated in the election. That is historically high. Though Trump won, because of the turnout Biden still gained more votes here than Hillary did.Apply that to every state.

Trump actually picked up points with minorities but Biden picked up even than Hilary with Suburbans . Basically some of Trumps antics costs him tons of Republican voters. That would be the reason why the Republicans held on to the Senate and Trump still lost. Those people voted for Republican Senators and representatives but either voted for Biden or cast no vote for president.( public record)

The most damaging part of why Trump lost is because of his war on mail in ballots. He suppressed his own base by 25,000 votes in Georgia alone because those folks did not go to the poll and were advised not to use mail in ballots by Trump. Had they voted he would have won Georgia for sure. This information is public record. Start using your own brains.

Wu-Tang Clan Christmas 3D All Over Print Sweatshirt

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