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I don’t know what your problem is and I don’t want to know, but I think you need to go and have it dealt with somewhere else. A Facebook page for light entertainment is not the best place to air your personal hates and frustrations. It just makes you look bitter and spiteful over things that really shouldn’t matter to you.

  • Give me animals any day. I have no problem with anyone having a different opinion but a lot of these vile people are abusing that concept and using it as a tool to be nasty. An opinion needs to have a reasonable basis but a lot of stuff I’m reading is untrue, unfair poison for the sake of it.
  • Imagine being locked in there with an opera singer and a stage performer…..wow I’d be climbing the walls! Ritchie’s voice wasnt as good as the girl who was evicted….sorry but some in there are desperate to show off their talents but sadly some ain’t that talented imo. It made me laugh how he said it was irritating to keep singing Nessun Dorma and then immediately followed up by singing Nessun Dorma.

Listen dear..i’m gonna put you in your place, you are stalking all my comments and you are talking to an avatar.. i dont fancy you…leave me alone.. you have a husband you love and so do i. that is a perfectly fair statement. You don’t have to like his singing to still think he’s a nice person.

At least you’re acknowledging his other qualities instead of slating him altogether based on one thing you don’t like. Is there anyone not slagged off in this years show ffs never saw so much moaning ever !! Iv loved the show and well done for bringing it in these circumstances.

I must be watching something different to you seen no whingers of nasty comments as yet think this has been the most funniest one so far over the years except for the Italian chef. I noticed in the singsong last night Shane was covering his ear just like Russell does how annoying just to get noticed.

Wu-Tang Clan Christmas 3D All Over Print Sweatshirt

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