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I agree a lot of conservatives take it to the extreme, but there’s extremists on both sides. That’s why I’m libertarian like I believe things from both sides, but I’m also from Texas so that might be part of it lol.

  • Im pretty firm in the middle. Mostly mind my own business and take care of those in my own yard first. Its not my right to say what you do with your body. I also cant agree with running a country on feelings. That term cant make everyone happy is in full swing when emotions and opinions are involved. I believe facts are facts and there is some grey area where there is grey area. I dont believe my opinions and feelings should be pushed on anyone and only myself is responsible for my own.
  • Not my neighbor who believes in full term abortions or the neighbor who hangs a confederate flag. If they are good to my other neighbors friends and family then they are not bad people in my eyes. If they go destroying, instigating, forcing beliefs and in general just horrible human beings then i cut myself from them and continue to live my life helping those around me.

Because i believe all lives matter im considered a racist even tho my couch and my table are open to anyone in need. Because i believe its not my body or my choice im a libtard. Even tho myself have never had to make that decision and i simply can not afford to take on another child that was unwanted or medically ill.

So its none of my business. I am more conservative in the religious beliefs. Such as the term god. There are many and my Catholic upbringing is seems to be 5he biggest target. I do believe that separation of church and state should be either all gods and religions or allow all gods and religions.

I am more conservative with i dont want too see ANYONE making out or having sex in public gay straight bi or monkey. Im also more conservative when it comes to you want it and are able to earn it start working for it. Im more liberal with those who need help should have it available


World’s Dopest Witch shirt,tank top, hoodie

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