Wonderwall lyrics poster


Wonderwall lyrics poster

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Thanks to you, Rick, we did visit Padua a few years ago and had a wonderful experience. The city was filled with wonder, the frescoes were amazing, and only a small number of people were allowed in the chapel at a time, making it an intimate experience. A restaurant that you recommended became our go-to, with a student waiter who selected our delicious dinners for us. A short train trip to Venice, which was very crowded, made us very glad to be in Padua, having a far less touristy experience. The farmers market at the university was beautiful and amazing too. I stayed in Padua on the recommendation of a friend and as a cheaper place to stay and then visit Venice. I stayed a week and never got out of Padua–one of my favorite cities ever!

I took a quick look at St Anthonys tongue, preferred the botanic gardens instead, then sat by this circular waterway in the centre of town. What was brought to my attention, while I was there, was that in 1678 the University of Padua first awarded women degrees, some 242 years before Oxford did the same! The moving memorial to 9/11 in Padova contains a mangled steel beam from one of the towers. Designed by the architect Daniel Libeskind,he also won the competition for the master plan for the new World Trade Center.















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