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Well guess he is disqualified. I never known a company that you were going to be hired at and they said I need you to take a drug test and you say no I don’t think so. They don’t say oh ok well you’re still hired. They say well good luck on to the next person.

  • God has a plan for America, Pres Trump. Put your trust in Him. We, the people of America, see what is happening with Biden. Take the high road supported by prayer. All candidates should be drug tested. You are applying for the highest job in the nation. Drug test should be mandatory!
  • Don’t worry Mr President We all know you’re going to win this debate and the presidency again. Remember Hillary had an earpiece and she had the questions given to her by Donna brazile and she still lost haha!
  • The democrats say trump is on coke so they should agree with testing so they can see if true! Wonder what biden is on that they are afraid of testing! They should also scan biden to make sure he has no hearing implants to hear his handlers answering the questions!

All employers require emotes to take drug test AND employment is contigent on results. Why should the president position be any different? They should also have to pass an extensive physical exam.

21 years in the Army and I had to take one every year or two. Also it was required before receiving every level of security clearance, sounds like a double standard to me. Wonder if any congressional members, state department………..

There’s a lot of Americans who have to be drug tested before being hired for their job, many who are tested randomly throughout their employment. Seems once again, the citizens are held to a different standard than those who work for us.


Wonder Woman Personalized Tumbler

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