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You see fraud, wrongdoing, how can you trust this??? Go to vote to the polls, anyway, people go to the supermarket, clothes stores, rioting, in between the pandemia, same risk, what’s the difference???? Have a cousin who left PA a couple years ago and received one in her new state. Her friend a couple miles from me received 2 mail in ballots for her father who passed away over 15 yrs ago. Once again PA is cheating.

  • PDT sent out a memo dont Americans listen !! he said fill it in and post it then go to vote on the day if they tell you you’ve already voted your jobs done if not vote in person get with the game America or risk your country !
  • I buy online every week and the only problems I have with shipping have been with the USPS. Every time my package ends up somewhere else in the country. Just not where it supposed to be. I try to avoid them if possible.
  • since PA has not sent out ANY actual ballots yet, I’m guessing you friends and cousin can’t tell the difference between an application for a ballot and an actual ballot. PA does not sent them until at most 50 days before the election as stated by their legislature.

Remember if you get more then 1 envelope you must turn them in unopened. Do not trash them do not open them. Yes Trump does want you to vote twice or more for him that is why Republicans have been getting more than 1 ballet. Remember this issue has never happened till he brought it up so what Trump is trying to do is give voters more then 1 ballet by mail so he can say see told you. Mail in has never ever in the history of The United States a problem.

you go right ahead and stand in line while I sit in my recliner drinking a beer and marking my Oregon ballot against Trump and all republicans. My neighboring states of Washington and California will be doing the same or in the pouring rain if need be. But thank goodness for early voting. My states early votes two weeks prior to election day Tuesday, including Saturday. We vote in person, but we vote early to avoid crowds and bad weather.

Go ahead and vote for leftist thugs in Oregon that will burn down your worthless cities. Some people are incapable of learning or appreciating the freedoms given to them by others.

Wolf Worn by force not by fear face mask

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