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Im sure DOT wants to open up tourism. Its the local mayors who wont let people travel province to province and du30 not letting anyone in ph until 2021. Face it tourism is dead in ph until your stubborn politicians open up shop.

  • internation tourists will not visit a coivid infested contry, .even the Philippines island is very beautiful, but most of the people are undiscipline, even a poor slam poor man not wear mask, he doesn’t kknow if he have covid or not, this how it contaminate the others little good news is Cruise Ship pinoy staffssss quaranteen at Ongpin, RAMADA, after they got a no covid certificate, recall bk to cruise ship. cruise ship business will go on selectively.
  • When are we going to have an update for international travellers, right now so difficult to get a visa and costly especially just to visit my wife and kids. 8 months apart how much longer
  • Not all locals can afford to travel this time of pandemic for leisure, because some of them loses their job, and no income yet, the money they spend for holiday travel, they will spend it for food and for everyday living. If the travel ban lifted then economy goes up.

Please open the borders for international travel! Foreign spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends have been waiting for ages, please at least for Christmas!  This bad things happen (Poor country) like our country is suffer more, let me remind you DOT we are only rich in Natural Resources why we don’t use it by opening the country?

because you know that more closure, more money lost and the economy is sinking, well let me remind you DOT the Philippines is in deep debt. If you open the economy the country will survive, people here know already how to live with this virus OA na talaga yung government

With added features, you will be put in quarantine right after you arrive in NAIA for 14 days to a month then when you travel to the islands anywhere you will be quarantine for three days or more. By all the wasted time & bleeding your money at the quarantine facilities; you’ll have a stroke. Your vacation time is over! time to go back to the airport and you’ll be more quarantine back to Stateside

Buckle up buttercup you just flipped my witch switch Pug Dog shirt, hoodie ,tank top

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