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Didnt trump just say to make a bigger deal last week. Trumo and McConnell is screwing with people. The house had come down over a trillion dollars and the senete wont budge a bit. Singy f**is dont care about the people

  • Meanwhile small business are closing & families are having trouble making ends meet . McConnell needs to be removed – people are losing what they worked for & you are letting it happen. GOP all your salaries should be stopped .
  • Don’t the Republicans realize they are shooting themselves in both feet long term? Ramming through a religious zealot onto the SC after blocking Obama from doing the same… All under false pretenses. It’s only going to lead to more gridlock because political decorum has went out the window.
  • The blue wave is coming, and these two-faced opportunists will regret selling their souls and integrity for Trumpism. It’s time to play hardball with these short-sighted posers, expand the SC and let time take care of the rest. Tomorrow’s Republican party will look nothing like this abomination we see today.

Eventually, the citizens will eventually revolt as communities crumble and term limits won’t be necessary because every single one will be voted out for dereliction. History will not look kindly on the enablers and opportunists that fanned the flames and allowed this atmosphere of division to fester.

Maybe I’m being naive, but I still believe Trump’s base is tenuous and probably doesn’t even consist of 30% of the actual population (unfortunately closer to 40 to 45% of likely voters). It’s too bad Biden was the best the DNC could offer. You’d have thought Hillary would’ve taught them a lesson

To support our country we paid taxes for imigrants and American citizen on welfare. And housing and child care we paid for all of your support. while you spit on us and trying to make our president go through trial impeachment.

Why Walk On Water When You Can Surf Jesus shirt, hoodie, tank top

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