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I have huge admiration for all the native men and women who daily risk their lives to care for Africa’s beautiful creatures. I wish we could protect them like they protect the animals. Great rescue! Thanks to all who helped this animal. I never realized they weighted so much! Thanks again!

  • That was fantastic. All those men being pulled by the giraffe was hilarious. All of them piling on the neck and head was amazing. And the release was satisfying to see. Well done everyone!  You really underestimate how big and tall these beautiful creatures are until you see a group full of grown adult men beside it and really see it! Thank you for saving this majestic beast
  • I cry when he feel down because of his neck they can break very easily and thank god they were not trying to hurt him they are wonderful for the life i dont no how any one could hurt them
  •  I own a horse and its the same thing. Unfortunately my horse actually did break her neck. It was a very bad accident or another horse attacked her in the paddock, I wasn’t looking when it happened.
She is alive now due to my hard work and dedication. If she had broken a leg, it would have been a different story. The guys here did the right thing by controlling his legs and making sure the giraffe didn’t run into any trouble. The fall was controlled very well and it was all fine.
Love giraffes..saw many when we were on safari in Africa in the serengetti….thankfully the men knew what to do to save the giraffe and were so caring while removing the wire and dart. It was hard to watch but ended so beautifully when she gracefully returned to her herd.
It’s beautiful that these men care enough to save this amazing animal but so sad that us humans create things such as this wire and put them or leave them around putting every animal at risk. We have evolved way too much
You should see them fighting lions. The lion jumps to reach the giraffe’s throat, so the giraffe jumps up to stand on its hind legs while kicking down towards the lion with its front legs. One kick in the head and the lion is dead.
They’re badass. And yes, they’re beautiful

Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat Giraffe poster

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