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Has Amos ever seen a pediatric chiropractor who specializes in ASD? I know it sounds crazy, but it completely changed our lives!! Our kiddos nervous systems are stuck in fight or flight mode, it’s like a Mack truck going downhill with no brake pedal. Every aspect of my son’s life changed within weeks of being treated. Praying for you guys!

  • If anyone else needs a great chiropractor who specializes in ASD, SPD, or ADHD, feel free to reach out. I am in St. Petersburg, FL but I have a great network of colleagues all over the US! My son has severe ADHD (combination type) and SPD and I would be willing to try taking him to chiropractor if I thought they could help.
  • I am in Florida, but when I was looking I just Googled pediatric chiropractor, ASD. I would focus your search on Chiro’s that specialize in kids and go from there. Reach out and see if they have any experience in this area. A lot of the symptoms our ASD kids have are the same or mirror ADHD/SPD and I think you would see improvement as well.
  • Historically, our Dr has explained if a drug stops working, increasing the dose usually doesn’t improve the situation. That is part of the epic frustration autism parents face, because we buy into the hope when we see a drug make positive change, even if slight, then it’s like starting over to switch to another medication. Prayers for sleep. If I get sleep, I can handle about anything, otherwise, not so much. Totally relate to where you are right now.

Adrian, I’m not sure if you saw my reply to one of your posts last week about the IVIG infusion headaches. I’m a washed up infusion nurse, But still have a couple of suggestions. Don’t want to overwhelm you. If you are wanting to hear them, feel free to PM me. Holding you all so close in my heart, and surrounding you with love and prayers.

Tips for IVIG. Been doing it for 8 years now. It isn’t for sissies. Drink tons of electrolyte water before and take a handful of Advil an hour before. While infusing, I find drinking lots of caffeine helps minimize the migraine. When done with the meds, I do a bag of saline and after that a hit of torradol to get me home. The secret after is to stay hydrated and sit your butt down That night and chill as much as you can the next day too. Lets your body adjust. Prayers for relief coming your way!!

Mommy I’ve only been with you For just a little while can’t speak the words personalized mug

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