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She is in fear for her family as well. They aren’t real big on free speech in these communist countries and we are headed more and more in that direction with the demoncrats trying to take more and more control of every aspect of our lives.

  • He’s brave because he stands up for what he believes and does not give a crap about the libtard establishment trying to ruin his career if he supports Trump, lorettA you ok or is your thinking slipping,trump is toxic garbage destroying this country piece by piece .what is it you dumb people like about “IT”?HIS FAKE ORANGE SHIN OR HIS CHEAP HAIRPIECE
  • why don’t you STFU it’s the fucking asshat clowns on the left doing all the damages not the right but the right is getting fed up with the clowns and freaks ( democrats). Never was a big fan of Kid Rock, but I like his thinking on this subject, We must stand for the right things or else we’ll stand for anything!
  • that’s about right. It’s too bad the most effective and competent candidate is hated by so many for reasons made up by the Democratic party, who change their views daily to meet America wishes. ” tell them anyrhing, Tell them what they want to hear”

I don’t care who you vote for I think for myself I am not a follower you think oh trumps going to win so you think you want to be in with the winners circle that’s not think for yourself your like trump or think he’s god so follower him that’s your problem

and by socialist constructs I mean they are paid for by the taxpayer, for the benefit of the entire society.. that is the definition of democratic socialism. Did you mean the state owns and runs everything? Because if so that’s communism, not socialism. There’s a big difference.

Absolutely he loves you and our USA. And he told us all about that coronavirus. He said that it was a really bad thing. why would I not want those things? I’m just confused by someone who clearly likes all those things, yet insists they don’t want to live in a socialist state!

In a world where you can be anything be kind Elephant poster

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