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Being the one who gets to film all of the great endings to all the precious furries lives has got to be the greatest job ever! I’m so glad there are such loving people in the world. Thanks to everyone from beginning to end. Well done for adopting Tobi what a different dog you have bless him, all credit to you for taking the time and patience with him, I’m so happy for him to have a loving,caring home.

  • It breaks my heart seeing these babies so broken. Thank you for saving and loving him! Reminds me of one of my rescues, scared of everyone but me, now she is happy and so loving! Rafael Arroyo I too keep my tissues handy when I read about these animals that have been so abused. But loved seeing that they get rescued and given a whole new life of love, fun and play.
  • It is a very similar story of a dog my daughter adopted from local animal shelter. Amazing what a relatively short time in a home led to wonderful changes in behavior. She is now a sweet, friendly, happy girl whom we all love. I volunteer at the local pet shelter and there are so many dogs like this.
  • We sit for hours with them in their kennels and 9 times out of 10 they quickly learn to trust more. It is so rewarding. Please don’t pass these dogs up when you go to adopt or return them after a week because they haven’t “bonded” with you yet. It happens so often. Be patient and give them love for a few months and they will blossom.

Tobi just needed to be loved with a little patients and understanding he came out of his shell I’m overwhelmed by how well he’s doing such a joy to watch I just want to cuddle up with him thank you for loving tobi I’m crying because I’m so happy for him….. Wonderful Story For Toby! Thank You To All Who Made His Recovery Possible!He Was Given A Well-Deserved Second Chance To A Safe & Loving Life, Which All Animals Are Entitled To!!!

I adopted my Malinois/Chow Avery at eight years old, she was very much the same way. It took a few months, but with a lot of love, patience, and help from our alpha chihuahua with a Napoleon complex, Avery thrived. She became a happy, well adjusted girl. I lost her last year at the age of fourteen. She holds my heart. Tobi did a total transformation. At first he looked so sad and depressed. But, once he was adopted he was a totally different dog, Happy, Smiling and having a Blast!! God Bless everyone who rescued him and his forever Mom. Im so Happy for Tobi!!

Oh What Fun It Is To Ride Ugly Christmas Sweater

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