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We are at war with the world under Trump and he didn’t bring the soldiers home, he just moved them different war zone. We are in trade wars destroying farmers. Putin is pushing us around in the air, on land, and on the seas. I feel safe already . .

  • I hate Trump and the fact that he gets any support from some Texans is disappointing. All those boats that sank, is just a demonstration of what he is doing to this country. I consider that parade a success!
  • I didn’t a whole bunch of them sink, then need help from the very government that they oppose doing anything to help people? Trump boat parade sinking, just like the Trump presidency
  • Hopefully when we vote this incompetent out of office and get “cracking” as a nation and demonstrate that we are not the 3rd-world “shithole country” that Trump has turned us into.
  • You obviously aren’t reading the comments whereby people are invoking God to ‘do away’, ‘vanquish’, ‘slay’, Democrats. I had a few demented followers who threatened to find me and had to remove as much personal info as possible out of safety for friends.

Lynda Stevenson Same here, Lynda. I have received numerous threats from people calling themselves “true patriots” and “real Americans” in response to a comment I posted: talking about lies, this virus is just going to disappear when it gets warm,,or how about, it’s just a democratic hoax,, how about injecting lysol, and sticking a lightbulb up your ass,or how about what a great business person he is,,etc etc

Robert Silver let’s not forget the corruption, let’s not forget how he allows Putin to put bounty on our soldiers lives, let’s not forget how he calls the solders losers and suckers for serving their country, let’s not forget that he (Trump) dodge the draft . Let’s not forget how he forcibly cleared the peaceful protesters from Lafayette square so that he can hold a bible upside down etc

are those the same polls that predicted Hillary Clinton in a landslide. Lol! Democrat leadership is in a full blown panic because they have the real polls and they’re scared to death. That’s why were hearing all these lies by anonymous sources about president Trump. They know the truth and are about to crap their pants.


Weekend forecast hunting with no chance of house cleaning or cooking shirt,tank top, hoodie

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