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Yeah right. Don The Con will be in court for more than 4 years, too busy to con his way back into the WH. He’ll figure out how to get pardoned for his federal crimes, but pardons won’t save him from city and state charges.

  • What needs to be done is, as soon as he’s out of office the media should shun him, so he’s no longer relevant to anyone but himself. He’s like the plant in the “Little Shop of Horrors” hollering “Feed me” and his “trumpeteers” are just shoveling millions ($175m and counting since the election) to him … amazing.
  • it truly is amazing how gullible, ignorant, and just plain stupid the cult members are! Ya gotta give it to him – he certainly has the snake oil salesman routine down pat! It’s like a scene from catfish… His supporters meet somebody on the Internet that’s the love of their life despite all evidence to the contrary keep their life savings because one day they’ll get married.
  • And than after he moves out of our White House… He has Very Big Possible Plans to Sale Video Clips of his last Four Years… to all of His Followers … to make some more Big Money For His own Big Stash.

Wouldn’t it actually be nice if they could shovel that money into some programs that would help the every day people. maybe that $175 mil was donated by millions of angryTrump voters for investigation of swing state voter fraud on a level never seen before in this country.

More like a third world country ‘s election. Demoasses tried for 4 years to remove Trump from office because he put a monkey wrench in their socialism agenda Obama put in play during his second term. That is why hatred for Trump is so great and the ugly green head of jealousy reared for all that he has accomplished for this country and the working blue collar men and women. His record of service as President will make him one of the greatest president in decades.

Weed Mistlestoned Ugly Christmas Sweater

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