We Stand For The Flag We Kneel For The Cross Tailgate Wrap


We Stand For The Flag We Kneel For The Cross Tailgate Wrap
We Stand For The Flag We Kneel For The Cross Tailgate Wrap

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What can we have fun on the Fourth of July? We rejoice the fact that on that day in 1776, fifty six men in Philadelphia who represented three million americans of their domestic states, voted to ratify the ultimate wording of the declaration of Independence.

The central element of this document is that we have rights given to us with the aid of the Creator that can not be violated by way of any human authority. The founders declared independence from England, while declaring dependence on Almighty God.

The strict secularists who are trying to remove any vestige of God from the general public enviornment deserve to understand that in doing so, they are in the end undermining all and sundry’s freedom, together with their own. At any place atheistic techniques reminiscent of Communism or Socialism take over, people lose their rights; then the killing starts off.

In a secular state, to whom can the dissident enchantment? There is simply the state. In contrast, in a single nation beneath God—which the founders created—we will in the end appeal to God. Some of the flags at the time of independence even pronounces, “An appeal to Heaven.”  seeing that our rights come from God, it’s now not up to the state to assess if we even have rights. What the state offers, the state can do away with. That isn’t genuine with God-given rights.

The founders declared that they were “attractive to the Supreme judge of the area for the rectitude of our intentions.” Lillback once mentioned to me that this is a reference to Jesus in the declaration.  Jesus is the judge, and the founders knew that.

Does the flag nonetheless stand for freedom? One of the vital poignant scenes in any film I’ve ever viewed become in “no longer with out My Daughter” (1991), starring Sally container. She and her daughter be ready to escape from sharia legislations and her abusive husband in Iran. The movie reaches its climax when they eventually get away to local Turkey and spot the American flag waving outdoor the American embassy. For the reason that flag and the freedom it represents makes you immediately are looking to cry.

We Stand For The Flag We Kneel For The Cross Tailgate Wrap

The flag, total or tattered, announces: God-given rights, self-govt under God, and freedom. Suppose of the magnificent sacrifice of all those that paid “the final full measure of devotion” to our nation, defending that flag. And ironically, the flag even symbolizes the freedom that its opponents have in voicing their opposition to it.




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