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You do realize that tensions with China and Iran have never been this bad, and all the progress we made with  Russia over the years towards peace has been wiped away. Trump has us on track for World War 3.

  • that’s beyond his intelligence level. We’re worse off than that. We went from pretty much a totally respected, not always liked country to now just being down on the list. total bs, 99 percent of Asia hates China and now with more peace talks in SW Asia, Iran only has China as a half as friendly relations.
  • US won’t invade Iran. If they wanted to they would have done it already in last 50 years. Iran’s geography makes it an impregnable fortress. US couldn’t even beat bunch of goat herders in Afghanistan in last 20 years wasting trillions of dollars.
  • Now regarding China. That’s the reason why I want him to get reelected. The world needs two separate global supply chain. One US-centric and China-centric then sanctions won’t be effective anymore.

Check back with me in a year lol. The world is gonna be one hell of a different place. Many see what’s coming. And it would seem many others will be taken by complete surprise. Sad.screw the world. When you pay as much as we do for being the world’s police then you can have a say. We are not here to please the world. F that

That’s the future and seriously, good luck to you and your future in that field. I admire you for it. I mean it sincerely. Please forgive the name comment. That was ignorant of me. The rest stands tough. I’m sick of other countries criticism. People from every country, especially Canada come here for opportunity due to our economic and political system that affords great opportunity.

We pay far more to almost every humanitarian and diplomatic military alliances. We don’t care what other countries think. Now Democrats do and go on apology tours, kissing hind ends and giving away pallets of cash to our enemies for crap treaties that those countries laugh at us about. Other countries are like the rich parents kids and benefactors. Make them provide on their own and the hate you and spit in your eye. No thank you. Screw other countries.

Snoopy Give me the strength to walk away from stupid people without slapping them shirt, tank top, hoodie

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