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My god – 75 year old tree cut down for a months worth of use. Leaving aside the issue of killing a tree for such short term use, think about the time, money and cost of getting the tree to its location – think about what that money could have been used for. They should make it so a tree remains in the same effing spot and decorate yearly with the city caring for it instead of killing a year every year for a month to shine…

  • Is it only me that’s sad that an 80yr old tree has been cut down and will be gone forever after 2020. Was it be good if they dig it until the root and move it and so it will live another more years. Or I’m just over reacting. no intention of hurting sentiments either religious or otherwise but cutting off a full grown tree just for temporary decorations center piece looks like such a waste. And then we cry about global warming.
  • Only in USA would they cut down something that took near 80 years to grow, add extensions, to have on display for 4 weeks. Only in USA would something be donated to one of the richest organisations in order to be killed. Superficial country of people. Idiots. The size of the tree made it dangerous to the house it was next to, probably not long before the owners cut it anyways…
  • Is the expense of everyday income rare? Don’t settle for less, Settled for more, let’s make the most of the time when we are not doing anything and why not let’s do something that can help ourselves and the family more. I don’t know why losing to Biden is so surprising. He never won a single poll against him for 6 months, his average approval rating never got out of the forties, and he has never won the popular vote.

I think it is hilarious that people are contributing to trump and don’t read the bottom of the page, “75% can be spent anyway he wants, another words, right in his pocket. Lizzy graham must be scared of something, he donated $500,000. Some people are just too ignorant to see he is ripping them off, the slick oil salesman doing what he does best.

Mary Van Hook Leonard I don’t think his supporters care how he spends it bc they think that any money that goes to him for any reason is for a “good cause,” even if it’s for another round of golf to relieve his stress of dealing with those “meanie” Democrats.

Are you asking me to step into Christmas shirt, sweatshirt

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