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The best is say “no” from the beginning. Lea doesn’t beg us or our guests. She sniffs eventually (depends on when we eat, for example on the sofa), but that’s it. She’s not interested. My dogs never begged because I don’t give them anything from my food. (I don’t eat their food so I think it’s fair ) but I dog sit a pincher mix she looks me in the eye and whines . Lately she does it less she understands it is not going to work with me.

  • I’m guilty of this! My lil Yorkie will look all pitiful at me. Next thing you know, I’m giving him a fry, a baby carrot or slice of banana! My dog has been trained to go to her bed that’s in the kitchen, when we sit down to dinner. Begging not tolerated and no table food ever.
  • LaTonya Amos-Edwards I think I’m cold hearted I’ll eat slower and stare at them while I do it. Course my dogs know I don’t give hand outs. So they do the sneeze thing and turn their backs.
  • why do people ruin a interesting discussion with a snarky shot. I have created several monsters of wanting treats. 9 cats and 3 dogs and my loving making them happy is out of control. I will seriously make the effort just to make my life easier. my vet Dr Jeff Rockymountain Vet told me a little banana and carrots are healthy to give to our dogs but not to much due to the high sugar content. So don’t listen to him. Your dog is perfectly fine.

My other dog he start beg I will watch his eyes and tell him go your sofa then he turned around go to his sofa me and my husband cannot laugh he will come back again So when we so seriously then he won’t come back. My 4 year old German Shepherd never begged for our food and would go lay down when we sat down to eat until..

.one day when I was shredding chicken and dropped a piece just as he walked into the kitchen. Now he wants to hang out with me while I’m cooking. He still doesn’t beg while we’re eating, which I’m grateful for and a bit surprised seeing how he had no training with anything before we got him.

And they want to eat and you give everything that is not good at all. A dog should not be allowed to eat everything that people eat so a dog cannot do anything about that. People are to blame if you have food and your dog keeps coming to you. Or if a dog is fat. People all do that. I am very guilty of this. I cannot say no when my Lhasa is looking at me with pure sadness, it’s impossible, so in return she gets her carrot or chicken or whatever we are eating that is also edible for her. She is old and blind, has earned her time and deserves her chicken!

Veteran You May See Me Struggle But You Will Never See Me Quit Poster

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