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If you vote for Biden, you don’t have a clue what decency is. We just found out he’s been lying about not talking to His son about his job…..You seriously need to keep updated on this story…..because if he was that corrupt as VP…he’ll be twice as corrupt as President.

  • Maybe being corrupt means nothing to you…but it does to at least half of the country…..And take note….Trump has been accused of a lot of things….but all of the accusations have been proven to be lies….while we have actual evidence of Biden’s corruption.
  • To all your Democrats out there you need to look at where these donations are coming from it’s got 454 million dollars in donations and over $3 million of that has came from big business why is big business donating to Biden because they know he’s for sale so if you think you’re a little thousand dollars that you gave to Biden is something great look at big business what their donating to him because they want him in there because all these big businesses want to go back to China wake up man.
  • Big businesses donated more to the Democratic party this year than they have in the last 70 years way because the Democratic parties for sale this year all you middle class people out there better wake up and see what’s going on when big businesses donate to the Democratic party in that rate you better see what’s going on cuz the little thousand dollars that you gave to the Democratic party ain’t nothing compared to what big business is given.

You’re voting for a person that actually did what trump got impeached for … you’re voting for a person who did nothing but become rich from being a politician… you’re voting for a person that sponsored a crime bill that incarcerated thousands of people of color …. everything you say about trump is speculation but its a proven fact about biden … wake up !!!!

Twyla Jo Weber decency in the form of pay to play, lies, higher taxes, sanders in charge of the budget & health care, AOC in charge of the green New deal, O’Rourke in charge of taking our guns, & Cuomo as AG. And you must be racist as you know Harris said Joe was plus all the black comments he has made.

Poor kids just as bright as white kids. If you think for yourself you ain’t black and Joe got to stay in his mansion safe bc some “black woman stocked shelves at the grocery store. Don’t forget Joe didn’t want his kids going to school with blacks bc it’s a” racial jungle”. But Joe just said this week he is running for senate. That is your very low level of decency. Says a lot about you.

If you haven’t risked coming home under a flag Don’t you dare disrespect it Veteran Eagle American Flag shirt,tank top, hoodie

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