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Just when I’ve retired and getting ready to make some travel adventures, covid comes along. I’ve always enjoyed Rick Steve’s shows. I guess it’s back arm chair tourist. Thanks for the Amsterdam verbal tour. Loved it.

  • We were supposed to be returning home this week from Paris, London and Amsterdam to celebrate my daughter’s high school graduation. We’ve never been to Amsterdam and we’re SOOOO looking forward to it. Hopefully we’ll be able to get there next year and do a longer more inclusive trip.
  • I visited as a young soldier before the wall fell. It was eye opening! I’ve wondered since why America is so prudish and inhibited, but have realized that it’s just who we are culturally. Things are changing for the better, so maybe in 30 more years we’ll be where ADam was in 1987.
  • I love your perspective on European culture. It’s true you learn about yourself when you learn of others. Always been a fan of your shows and yes I just bought a copy of your new book. I was interested in Amsterdam but it wasn’t high on my list. After reading this, it’s definitely bumped up into the top 10 must visit. Absolutely sounds like a place I would never want to leave.

I met Rick Steves in the red light district in Amsterdam! Very briefly  I had my copy of Europe Through the Backdoor in hand, lol. It’s one of the nicest places I’ve ever been and his description is why I went.

My first (and lifelong dream) to Amsterdam was cancelled at the end of May due to Covid. I will go one day. But today I’m going to sit on my porch and read your post. Thank for being you.

I was just watching on tv the name of countries open to US citizens with restrictions. Iceland is open, but visitors from US have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. How can that be accomplished as a visitor? I miss travelling so much! sounds like a marketing niche to me: “Welcome to the Hotel Quarantina!” Quarantine in protected luxury during your two-week stay.


Get naked unless you are just visiting Don’t make it weird Cow poster

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