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Oh Paul! It wasn’t long enough. They really seemed interested in what you are doing. Especially the one sitting at your side. I had to chuckle at one behind you standing as tall as it could get to look over your arm to see what you were doing. Thank you Paul for this little teaser.

  • Wonderful. Animals never cease to amaze me. How intelligent these monkeys are. They were trusting and interested. They must have sensed the kindness and calm of these magnificent little beings.
  • Absolutely beautiful. Bless you and the owner for giving the macaques a place to shelter when the weather gets nasty! All animals are friends, not to be exploited or eaten. To be treated and respected and related to as we do for each other. Beautiful.
  • I remember reading about this place. This town used to be very rich and the monkeys are very sacred to them. Now, the town is poor and there is not enough money to feed the monkeys. They are starving now. Tourists help, but it is really a separat situation.
I have two dogs that come close as soon as I start to sing. One of them couldn’t figure it out at first but now really enjoys it. I don’t think he’d ever heard anyone singing in person before.
It is said that human soft music has a calming effect on animals. What is your goal for these animals Paul? What changes do you expect to see on their behavior? Congratulations. Your musical piano talent is incredible! You are so innovative and unselfish in bringing joy to us through music and also bringing meditation and peace to GOD’S animal creations! May GOD continue to Bless you!
Beautiful Song “You’ll never walk Alone.” I remember when I was young and My Sister, Rachel would play the piano and her friend Regis Smith would sing this song! I still love hearing it today! That was beaitiful Paul. What a darling the Mother and her baby sat and really listened. I love what you do for the animals thank uou.

Never underestimate an old man who loves playing Piano poster

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