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The true heroes on this day are those who have made a sacrifice of time and uncomfortably delayed personal gratification to share their outrage via social media about this absolutely worst and deadliest of all disasters to befall the USA, obamagate. We will persevere, no matter how many have had to take a moment to recover because their feelings were hurt or because of anger management issues. 

  • Let there be a day set aside, maybe the president’s birthday, on which to honor their valiant tweets, an act of valor, bravery, and sacrifice as patriotic as any noble warrior this country has birthed. They have persevered on Facebook and twitter to “unlike” and give frowny face emojis to this most terrible threat to present day America. Obamagate. The horror, the horror …
  • Every time I go check out their government page which is extremely corrupt they are killing their people by making them think you’re taking their land and they are now living in fear. Please help them I am begging you. Thank you daddy Trump Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. Please talk to CheeNulka Pocknett not the corrupt Cromwell thank you
  • I am not nasty, but i do know the law, and speak the truth, It is not my fault that Trump is a criminal, and you chose to support a criminal..oh wait that makes you nasty !

Yes And you don’t even see it how sad is that. Like I said God bless you and have a great day. Go fight with someone else your opinion does not matter and it was not asked for.

 How can you be so delusional, you just said you go and check out the government page, and how corrupt you think it is..Trump is the government and runs it right now…Please educate yourself

Debi Lynn I think it’s a disgrace that one human being would do everything in his power to go against everything God deemed important for human life. Trump has ruined this country, and has went against all of God’s commandments

.He s totally self-serving ! Everyone’s opinion matters, and if you didn’t want anyone to give an opinion than you shouldn’t be posting comments on Social Media platforms !

Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shirt, v-neck, tank top

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