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CT Miller our country is been paying ‘ you and I ‘ protection to the mob that control the television viewing audience if you don’t vote ‘ their guy ‘ they break everything and leave all of us with nothing Mobsters Bastards! This whole thing was set up. And they say that Trump supporters are influencing the the election . Looks to me that it is the other way around. Rigged!

  • Biden may have ‘salted’ the town hall questions. But he did NOT have the enthusiasm of the lady in pink who was behind Trump. AND Biden went floating off to long drawn out stories so his answers were not succinct or specific to the question. Very boring.
  • Totally agree! What kind of loving wife would allow her sick, demented husband be used as a pawn? How pitiful she would let him go through all of this pressure! The Biden scandal has already hit the New York Post! Now, the real Joe will be seen! Total crook – along with Hunter and other family! Now, the real pressure begins!
  • that lady was seated behind Trump, and unless he had eyes in the back of his head, he would not get anything out of her enthusiasm. Not to mention the debate he had to do with his host of the town hall. She went on and on, hardly getting to the people’s questions. She just wanted to be in the limelight and make a name for herself. Well she did, but not one she wanted!

I wasn’t implying that Trump witnessed the town hall members enthusiasm. I enjoyed it. The moderator needs to reassess her approach. The whole system is rigged. President Trump needs to talk to the people directly, and keep highlighting his successful economy. Don’t even mentioned that the economy was impacted by Coronavirus. The people can infer that. Just keep plugging on the great, positive stuff. Americans do not trust the media.

they will not allow him to do that, they interrupt him. They don’t want to hear anything positive, they will block him every way they can. They are evil! Mr Trump tries to act positive so you don’t realize what a disaster this country is in thanks to him. The economy was growing with record breaking employment when he took office but he claims it’s all due to him. He is an egomaniac and a truely unkind human being.

Kris Kennedy Budhram his successful economy?? The economy is struggling badly right now, and national debt has grown considerably, not sure what planet you’re on. Of course I believe it, it’s true. Trump is the worst president this country has ever seen ….not because of some of his decisions but because he is a crass, no class , bully who has made us a laughing stock. If you think China is going to deal with him you are as crazy as he is.

To My Wife Never Forget That I Love You Forever And Always Fleece Blanket

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