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Always, have been there to advocate for patients & family in a very forth right way nursing for 35 years. Timid & submissive has never been in my vocabulary or actions. Team work all the way! I have been a nurse for 50+ years. From many years back if a doc came into the nurses station and there were no vacant chairs you as the nurse were to give your seat to the doc.

  • There was a time that the nurse was considered the handmaiden to the physician. Not saying that I ever believed in all that, but that is how it was. Personally I believe the doc puts his pants the same way as I do- 1 leg at a time.
  • My daughter Jaime Noelle Mauer graduated a Rn with a BSN in May of 2020. All of this NEVER changed her feelings that helping people is what she is meant to do. For the rest of her life. I am the proudest mom ever and nurses have always and will always deserve our respect!
  • I think we are all a team, where I work our doctors are great , they work with us to give great patient care, we are all in it together, respiratory therapist, aides, nurses, lab we all work together and help eachother out to get through it , I’m blessed to feel that way.

Doctors rely on the skills and judgement of a good nurse. The Pandemic showed the stamina and determination of nurses under grueling circumstances. I’m a nurse practitioner in LTC and I honestly could not do my job without the vigilance and communication from the caregivers CNAs as well as nurses! I always listen to my CNA’s they may not know patho/phis but they the good one’s know when “somethings wrong”.

There’s a difference between what you know, and the general public’s perception. I am not a nurse but my Mom was an RN for 35+ years and my Grandmother was an LPN for 40+ I think that this statement was more true in my Grandmother’s day but again it is speaking to the public perception NOT the reality.  I have always been so proud to be a nurse.. Never did I consider myself as timid and submissive to MDs. We work hand in hand with them. Needless to say who is with the patient 24/7?

I have always known that! I have asthma, Bronchiectasis, Vocal Cord Dysfunction! I go to McKinney Medical, because the nurses know me, and take good care of me! I have to be hospitalized at least once a year! I had an aunt who was a nurse. Nothing timid or submissive about her. And the doctors she worked for knew it, gave her credit and depended on her.


To my daughter whenever you feel overwhelmed remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown Sunflower personalized tumbler

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