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There are people serving jail time for unknowingly voting when they shouldn’t. I do appreciate you trying to have your base arrested and jailed, and have their rights taken away, but, in all fairness, no one should be coerced to commit a crime. All should be allowed to vote. Stop acting so scared. You’ve been president for almost 4 years. Surely all you’ve touched isn’t corrupt and can be trusted. Otherwise, you’ve failed.

This works if half the country has morals and isn’t corrupt! This doesn’t work when half the Country has TDS and justifies cheating as a means to overthrow a sitting President!

  • I’ll be voting in person. In my area, we’ve already voted in PERSON at least TWICE during the pandemic. It was for the Alabama Republican Senator runoff on 14 July and then on 25 August for the local mayoral election.
  • They sprayed our hands with hand sanitizer as soon as we walked in, wore masks, voters and poll workers self distanced, showed ID, used my own pen to vote, didn’t experience a problem and was finished in less than 10 minutes. We also voted on 3 March in the Alabama primary election, but I’m not sure what safety restrictions were in effect at that time (probably self distancing). In the past, the lines are longest early in the morning just when they open.
  • Wait, wait. First, we are voting for Pres. Trump. Second, why vote by mail AND then go to voting place on Nov. 3rd and make sure my vote is registered? We all need to get off our butts and drive, walk, crawl, wheel whatever we have to do to get to the polling places and vote. That is why voting in legal places in legal prescincts was established.

I’m in Oregon where all ballots are mail-in. Sure hope there are some Republicans doing some of the counting. Trump by a landslide, people! Vote out all Dems!

I can’t even get a receipt of my certified mail I paid for and was told its coming “we are short handed and mail is slow” really? They want us to vote when regular mail is lost and slow? NO WAY I will vote in person!!

I believe that all mail in voters should have a receipt mailed back to them verifying that their vote was received and counted. It should also verify your votes individually to make sure nothing was switched.

Vote This darkness has got to give Grateful Dead shirt, tank top, hoodie

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