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Go head president I hope you will be win and second time president of America you will make America great again, I am from Bangladesh and I wish for you when you win I will share something about me and my religion. Here is a radical notion in the greatest democracy on the planet: Let the people vote and then count the votes. Why is Trump against these basic principles?

  •  I agree with you, in 2016 he wanted every vote counted now he is saying those votes don’t matter!!! We as Americans have fought for this right to vote no matter the outcome. 1920 voting rights for women,1968 voting rights for black people 2020 Trump is trying to stop the counting of votes Wow.
  • There is not, and never has been, any evidence of vote rigging. Not even Trump’s own commission after 2016 could find evidence of such fraud. FYI, we always count all the votes. It’s called democracy. It’s not new. We always make sure voters are heard — we count absentee ballots and provisional ballots because they count, too.
  • It’s never been completed entirely on election day. And in close elections the count takes even longer because it is essential that we get it right. Were you alive in 2000?! It’s a simple principle that should not be controversial in the world’s greatest democracy: count all the legally cast ballots. To support anything else is not democracy.

I don’t know why Trump supporters are so easily fooled and quick to dismiss what makes America truly great – our democracy. I’ll say it again — let the people vote and count all the votes. It’s as simple as that. Dead people voting is a red-herring. Don’t fall for it. Perhaps you’d just like to give up on democracy and let Trump have his dictatorship.

President Trump repeatedly rattled off false and misleading claims about ballots and voting in arguing to his supporters that “massive fraud” is “the only way we can lose.” He’s on a COVID superspreader tour – he’s like a carrier!’ Obama tears into Trump’s mass rallies as he pleads with Georgia voters to flip the Senate and elect Joe Biden

Barack Obama went down to Georgia on Monday to campaign for Joe Biden just hours before polling places open for Election Day Tuesday morning Obama spent much of his remarks tearing into Donald Trump for his rallies, calling it part of the ‘COVID spreader tour’

Covid-19 So no one told you life was gonna be this way Your job’s remote you’re broke mug

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