This Super Hero Wears Scrubs Tumbler


This Super Hero Wears Scrubs Tumbler
This Super Hero Wears Scrubs Tumbler

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Recently, a fishing method has taken the Internet by storm. This fishing method only requires one rod and one line. No drifting is required, let alone any adjustments! This is boring rod fishing! Many Taiwanese fishing “masters” may scorn this fishing method and directly despise it, thinking that it has no technical content at all. But even today when Taiwan fishing has become the mainstream, boring rod fishing has its advantages. In some waters, taiwan fishing is even fishing . Today we will share some fishing knowledge about boring rod fishing, hoping to help everyone!

The boring rod fishing method first appeared in Sichuan and Chongqing. Because there are many hills in the mountainous area of Chongqing and Sichuan, and the terrain is relatively undulating, the rivers are flowing fast, and the traditional floats are simply untenable and it is impossible to see the ticket, so some fishing People just take off the ticket and straighten the fishing line  by washing the lead and the bait with the water. When a fish bites the hook, the signal is transmitted by pulling the rod slightly by the fishing line. In fact, boring rod fishing is what we often call pointed fishing. This fishing method is very suitable for fishing in flowing water, even in strong flowing water where Taiwanese fishermen can’t get off the rod at all. Let’s talk about some details of the boring fishing method!

Fishing tackle

And the size of the main line sub-line is not very particular, generally ordinary Taiwan fishing line set  is enough, but if the main line is too thick, the sensitivity will be reduced due to too much resistance in the water flow, because the boring rod fishing  is originally blunt, so we are actually operating The middle should try to make the fishing group more sensitive.

In addition, the most important thing for boring rod fishing is the use of lead sinkers. In order to make the bait fall to the bottom in the water, we use heavy lead. How much is it? This needs to be determined according to the actual intensity of the current, as long as the bait is not washed away from the bottom and the rod tip is tight. Generally speaking, the lead sinker used for boring rod fishing does not exceed 10g. If the bait exceeds 10g, you can change it. Place it! The current is too strong! In addition, the space beans above our lead sinker should be opened, that is to run the lead, to increase the sensitivity!

This Super Hero Wears Scrubs Tumbler

Fish mouth signal

First of all, everyone must understand that boring rod fishing transmits signals through the rod slightly, and then lifts the rod to stab the fish. Then we must choose a slightly softer rod when choosing a fishing rod. If the rod is a little too hard, even if there is a fish bite. The signal is also difficult to reflect slightly through the pole, miss the opportunity to raise the pole!




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