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Boycott Sports. Let those whiny little babies in every professional sport get a regular job. They have all profited from the great opportunity handed to them for living in the United States. Let them boycott and donate their salary to a good cause other than terrorist groups. Anybody can sit out a game or two…put your money where your mouth is big babies.

  • Basketball hasn’t been good in about 25 years anyway when the players where way better. The owners should just fold the league and start over with people that want to work or whatever. Everyone I know has quit watching and won’t again
  • They won’t listen until it hits them in the pocketbook. When their salaries start going down because noone is going to the games or buying their merchandise ,maybe they will shut up and play ball!!
  • Stopped watching NFL, NBA and Baseball when all this started and have such a better time with family and friends and my honey do list is getting things checked off! Feel so much better on the weekends enjoying what is really important in life!
  • Throw NASCAR in the mix also and I’m not too concerned about any of them ever coming back. They have all had a chance to show their true colors and they’re not Red, White and Blue.

Oh, they are playing… I thought they all became Social Justice warriors. NFL and NBA can go away for good and won’t notice. I am saying this as a former die-hard sports fan. I am very close to dropping the PGA and College Football too.

Americans should always stand for the national anthem. There are others ways to get attention. They dont have to disrespect our flag and ignore all that is good about our great nation. Show some love for the many brave people that have fought for our freedom since this country began. We do not kneel, we stand proud and defend our country from marxist, socialist, communist, and globalists agendas. America is a symbol of hope and freedom to the whole world. We are blessed to be here.

Quit worrying about ratings. Are you even aware that a lot of people and businesses are suffering because there are no sports. Sports are not just the players! This has nothing to do with patriotism! Quit dividing this country. Listen to what the protesters are saying.

Mr President. One suggestion. On Hannity tonight Leo Terrell offered to campaign with you this fall in the swing states. Great idea. A black Democrat who after all these years has the courage to go out with you to campaign would be awesome. Please consider

This Is My Horror Movie Watching Blanket

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