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What Destruction is she talking about??? She did nothing when OBAMA was destroying the American way. She watch Obama send pallets of money to the Middle East and she did NOTHING. But now she is saying that President Trump is Destructive. Nancy is scared shitless that all her corruption will be coming out in March the people will to see what she and her crony have been doing for the last 30 years that she has been in Congress

  • I can’t believe she thinks she is so much better than him or anybody for that matter. She needs to be ousted let vote a nd then can be the poster person for term limits! Nancy has become an embarrassment to the Congress and this country. 2 in a row she has stood behind our Presidents back at the SOU address and showed her childish antics. She needs to be impeached.
  • What destruction? He has done nothing but build up America. If you would get rid of that bottle and throw away the pills you would reconsider your remarks. Admit you really love Donald Trump and respect his Presidency! Come on now! pelosi is the worst fraud in DC! She leaves a stain so filthy and disreputable that the entire World sees her incompetence along with her hate for millions of Americans. She’s a huge embarrassment to America.
  • Such a beautiful thoughts and wise message thank you little lovely Juno for being you, I mean, kindness, love and compassion, funny, sweet, and a hard worker little dog doing always big things. We love you and your Mom and family adorable Juno.

My Floyd (aka BooBoo, aka Love Of My Life) was this dog! He was a force to be reckoned with, the calm before the storm and the storm, the brains of the operation, and my soulmate dog. All wrapped in 7 pounds of sass and bossy and brat. I adored him…

Thank you sweet Juno for the wonderful picture and words of truth. God bless and keep you all safe, I love seeing your posts everyday, they make my heart happy. Sending love and kisses …. Yes, and I’ve been lucky enough to have had these kind of Chihuahua friends as well as my own various breeds. I never understand why everyone doesn’t love dogs!

Juno you are so kind and wise. You definitely are that dog. You and your Mom are changing the world for people and animals. God bless you all and keep you safe. Good night sweet dreams. Love, hugs, kisses and prayers.

They whispered to her you cannot withstand the storm she whispered back I am the storm poster

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