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I worry about my neighbours across the boarder all the time. I find my neighbours across the boarder are good people. And I worry about the future of your country and where it’s going. Good luck on Election Day Maria

  • Carolyn Nash I know this- I look at behavior patterns- Trumps behavior patterns are the following 1. Lying, 2. Cheating 3. Stealing. He has delusions of grandeur and a host of other psych issues. Predominantly Narcissism. My bet is it happened. Just a hunch
  •  I don’t want to be mean to you personally but I can’t lie to you either. I don’t even know you and I don’t want to lie to you. My conscience won’t allow it. Are you serious? Rape is done for power. For control and to humiliate. All the things trump does daily publicly. Of course he would rape, harass, assault. It is always all about him trying to feel powerful
  • why would anyone want a president like that but they know he won’t be in there long enough to do anything then me Harris and Pelosi will take over it a scary thought said up democrats

then why is he running from the NY court order to give a DNA sample in a rape case? It doesn’t make sense to be doing that and the judge isn’t going to put up with his foolishness forever!, Oh so now you are going to change from being rich as a excuse to being a sick man. Well I guess that makes Trump a rich and sick man. Thanks for clearing that up for us.

girl like you living outta space thats the half a billion dollar questions thats being asked according to his tax returns so said the IRS you remembers those people right and they actually do accounting that’s your line? You actually think that ‘smelling hair’, whatever you BELIEVE happened, is so horrible that whatever Trump does is ok?? Wow. You must be an awesome human being.

I don’t give 2 hoots what he does in his personal life because what he is doing to my personal life is making it only better. I feel safe I have a job I can take of myself without government help and nobody will tell me how they’re going to spend my money I earn.


The Republican Club Trump and Presidents poster

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