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Definitely mandatory death penalty for attempted to murder! Must make stronger laws for the criminals! The ones chanting and blocking should serve at least ten yrs or more even attempted murder because of blocking emergency entrance! Sick, hateful. Vile people!

  • im from the uk what a great job you are doing against liberal do not know what they are doing lyers polosie and the rest of the walking dead they do no care who they hurt as long as theiir pockets are full off poor peoples money hang the backward liberal liars
  • Thanks to the Democratic Party for causing the attacks on the innocent police!!! They are responsible and should be held responsible!!! Police lives matter!!! All lives Matter!!!! Stop
  • Mr. President, can you please do something about these innocent police officers getting targeted? It makes me sick to see this and the mainstream media of course doesn’t want you to know about it because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Classify BLM as a terrorist organization and shut it down.

Prayers for these deputies to recover completely from this attack. Prayers this monster is found and prosecuted as well as those blocking the ER to get the officers in for treatment! Despicable humans need prayer to change their hearts!

How can any billionaires back these protesters and all the hate and killing of innocents lives, police kill criminals that do not comply, and then the officers are charged for doing so, but these blm protesters are criminals, blocking the access road so the officers would die, is sickening and mentally disturbed, they must be paid criminals..blm stand up and discredit this, stand up for innocents lives not only criminals that you protect and protest for, raise money for the police officers families..

Rioters need to be stopped. Governors and mayors will not ask for help. 58 shot on weekend you need to just go in. Insurrection is needed now not after election do something. Communities have been begging you just get it done. Federal offences

The Most Important Shot In Golf Is The Next One Poster

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