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Hyrule warriors does not have “the legend of Zelda” within the title. Therefore not cannon, especially since the gameplay of Hyrule warriors much more different from rest of the other legend of Zelda games.

  • Look at all these kids you keep saying the game as bad because it doesn’t fit the typical “Zelda” style. In my opinion the game was hella fun. Absolutely, when you think about the timeline placement for breath of the wild. Placing Hyrule Warriors as canon is the only way to fully explain it.
  •  I want a sequel that’s canon and covers the story of Demise’s first attack. You play as Hylia with the goddess sword and kick add against hundreds of enemies! MatPat (Game Theory) has a video on this exact subject, and it’s great. It explains exactly how Hyrule Warriors would make BOTW fit at the end of the Zelda Timeline.
  • Yes. I mean, there are some things about Hyrule Warriors that may not fit in the timeline (like Marin being a character in the game, but is supposed to be a dream), but it brings the three split timelines back together, and Breath of the Wild has aspects from all of the timelines. Plus with Botw2 Gannon looks a lot like Hyrule Warriors Gannon.

 I’m sorry, but the whole game is boring. I really tried to get into it, but it will be the last “Dynasty Warriors” game I’ll ever play… I thought it was fun back in the PSP days because I should take it anywhere. Even though the Switch makes that possible, doesn’t make the gameplay any less boring. This game should be played in short bursts. And for a lesser price; rather than $60.

A lot of stuff would make a lot more sense if it became canon, i mean Breath Of The Wild would make a lot more sense if it was. No. Its a fun muso game with a zelda skin. Should there be another game ? Perhaps it would be cool to see where it goes. Should it be canon? It doesn’t feel right.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask face mask

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