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Gordon’s white peach gin delicious with peach & pink grapefruit tonic Asda will be going back for more not tried the Gordon’s sillian lemon yet but hope it’s as nice as the peach. Husband has designed and fitted our new kitchen around the fridge with ice maker – just so we never run out of ice

  • I definitely have Gins that I would share with you two and for other people there’s freely available in supermarkets Gins hands up who’s seen me look utterly disgusted to be served G&T with a bit of lemon in it. And don’t get me started on people who don’t taste their gin straight first
  • You don’t need to know loads of Gins to be a Gin lover I was drinking G&T long before most of the new ‘trendies ‘ were sipping from their mothers breast !! n I have just 2/3 favourites n doubt I’d know any of these fancy’ ‘fad’ things
  • Normal tonic.. Aldi’s best! With Russian tonic plenty of ice.. lovely, my favourite when I’m out at our local , courtesy of our landlady the lovely Debbie Marshall, is pink grapefruit tonic ice! Chunks of pink grapefruit!! Aromatic tonic! Just amazing

Would like to say I know any of these. Just know I like Gin. Need my granddaughter to advise and guide me through it! As we cannot get together these days, looking forward to when we can.

Gin n tonic has been my tipple for the last 42 Yr. Its the only drink I have never had a hang over from. I got the all clear from cancer my family decided on a bbq to celebrate. I’d not had a drink in over a Yr. I had that many gins I fell and broke my foot. I now collect gin glasses. I still love Gordon’s gin and bombay sapphire are my favourites. Gin n prosseco cocktail yum

In Scotland my drinks were Whisky in winter and a highball glass with gin & tonic or bitter lemon. Here since 1979 It has been just Gin, but only the normal ones : Gordons’, Gilbeys’, London Dry, Bombay Sapphire + Mahon (from Majorca). I do not like my drinks already mixed and certainly not with various fruit essences. Putting a lot of mixers in gin, shows you do not like the taste and are trying to camouflage it. Therefore best to change gin for some other spirit that will not cost so much to kill the flavour. REAL GIN APPRECIATORS even drink it neat.

Hi it’s margaret I hate gin the small knocks me sick but vodka is different I only have a drink when we’re on holidays hope you are keeping safe I’m in prison looking at 4walls is driving me mad it’s good to have got hot weather it’s looking at the
Roses and starred frowning m own vegbeet root potoes apples cherry’s just gone mad the conservatiry comes in handy as we are due rain tonight we’ll love you and stay safe Don And I are high risk so we still can’t go out

Gin definition The glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt, tank top, hoodie

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