The Beach Boys Hawaiian Shirt


The Beach Boys Hawaiian Shirt
The Beach Boys Hawaiian Shirt

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Wilson’s second wife Melinda Ledbetter (whom he met at a car dealership when he handed her a noted that read “lonely, scared, frightened”) remembered the way Landy used medications to get what he wanted from Brian.

“Most of the time, Landy was giving him downers to keep him out of his hair,” she said. “Around 1988, when Brian’s solo album came out, Brian had a lot of things to do. So Landy would give him uppers.”

Ledbetter began noticing Brian’s behavior, which led Landy to prevent Wilson from seeing her. She contacted Wilson’s family so they could all confront the manipulation. That’s when they discovered Wilson’s will, naming Landy as the beneficiary of 70 percent. The details noted that Wilson was worth a lot more to Landy dead than alive. At that alarming point, Wilson’s family stepped in yet again.

A conservator was granted for Wilson

Wilson’s cousin Stan Love filed a request to become Wilson’s conservator. He claimed Landy had taken “extensive control” over Wilson’s life so much that “he is unable to properly provide for his personal needs for food, clothing, housing and physical or mental health,” according to LA Times.

He said his cousin “has not been allowed to see his mother for more than five hours in the past five years and has not been allowed to spend more than five hours in that five years with his two daughters,” adding, “I feel Brian is being held a virtual hostage.”

“He’s totally controlled; a puppet. I’ve made 50 to 100 phone calls trying to see Brian. I can’t even have any access to him,” he said. “I think he’s pretty well brainwashed Brian,” Audree Wilson added. “He manipulates him, that’s all I know. He just hasn’t been a free guy.”

In 1989, Landy confessed to one charge of “unlawfully prescribing drugs.” He gave up his license to practice in California for two years but continued working with Wilson on music. The two remained close, despite the family’s suit for a conservator.

A settlement was reached behind closed doors regarding Love, but by 1990, Wilson’s family asked the courts to appoint Jerome Billet as his conservator. However, things didn’t stay settled for long. Wilson sued Billet for over $10 million stating Billet didn’t supervise lawyers who handled the case brought on by Love for rights to[Wilson’s] songs.

The Beach Boys Hawaiian Shirt

The lawsuit, brought on by Ledbetter, claimed Billet overcharged and had knowledge of “$5,000 park bench payoffs by Wilson’s former attorneys and perjury from the witness stand,” Variety reported at the time.

‘Love and Mercy’ details the hell Wilson went through

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The 2014 film, Love and Mercy details all Wilson went through.



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