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I sincerely hope you’re including yourself in that analogy… do you hate yourself for what you have participated in destroying?….how many animals, and creatures have been displaced over the years you’ve been alive so you could live?….how many so you could have houses, and apartments to live in?….assuming in the coarse of your life you’ve lived in more than one…

  • what about the roads you drive on?, or restaurants and shops you go to?…how many have lost their homes to you?… so if you’re going to human bash …start by looking in the mirror…because it sure didn’t sound like you did… and You can move to a cave and give all that up, and help the environment…oh but there are creatures in there too…
  • you totally missed the point…..if you’re going to complain about human contamination, …and say there needs to be less humans, or there needs to be change, then start with yourself!!!!…..people always want to complain about other people instead of pointing the finger at themselves as well… YOU start making a difference in your life..
  • then maybe you can complain about other lives…. if you’re not willing to give up the way you live, then you really don’t believe what your saying in the first place…you’re just trying to make yourself feel good……set an example!, and see how far you’re willing to go to back up what you claim to believe in…..otherwise, quit complaining about everyone else..

Tim Warner no Tim that is not what I’m suggesting, what I am saying is some do appear to have an infinite ability to understand when people are trying to offer help . The videos I watch have set this seed, we have 5 animals that have adopted us. On what grounds would you suggest because we migrated here 6 years ago due to my husband’s decreasing health and on our arrival vowed to have ‘no more animals’…having had 5 children we’ve ALWAYS had animals of one sort or another.

Within a week or two we had THREE, a poor specimen of a cat and two dogs (neighbour’s) infested with fleas and literally 100s of ticks which my daughter and I spent WEEKS picking off (500 one day…I know as I’m a counter!!!) it proved to us that they just knew we’d be a soft touch. This is just the tip of the iceberg and I won’t bore you with the ongoing saga, but I feel I’ve proved a point..

That’s what I do I fly and I know things Owl Pilot poster

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