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You know plenty of people who identify as democrats wished Trump dead when he caught COVID. No, you don’t owe me. You owe the concept of truth, as everyone does. You owe your claim credence, or your claim can go where it currently rightfully belongs – in the metaphorical file marked “unsubstantiated false claims”.

  • And no, I don’t “know” Democrats that wished Trump dead. I know Democrats that would have been indifferent to his death. But you said, “Republicans”, not Trump. Any person wishing that on Trump is someone who likely understand damage control, and the fact that Trump has directly killed thousands of people through his action and inaction. He’s literally a deadly man.
  • Who is still risking the loves of millions of people. This isn’t refutable or debatable, outside of the reasonable debate that could be had to determine the extent of how deadly he is. i can think of tons of people who didnt spread revenge porn, even when they were in middle school. Wtf have we really thrown out all of our standards for this garbage?
  • yes he was in middle school and people make mistakes at that age but electing him is certainly encouraging him that despite his wrong doings he could reach a top place. That’s where this whole thing is wrong. Right, we all do stupid things when we are young. Myself included. Revenge porn takes a different level of vindictiveness, immorality, and/or stupidity though.

How many people do you know who have done that to their exes? At 14 that’s also distribution of child pornography. Bottom line, he is still quite young, and there are many fish in the sea. There HAS to be somebody better than him in Kansas. When I was in Junior High, I had no idea what revenge porn was, if it was even a thing back then.

I’m sure there are better people in Kansas which makes me think that the state party has royally screwed the proverbial pooch. Except, you didn’t even come close to supporting your claim. You posted an opinion peace from an angry right wing bias source, describing a single instance of your claim.

Exactly as I suspected, because this is a historical trend with conservatives and libertarians. You see a single, or handful of instances of something, and then stretch to reach a sweeping broad generalization attached to a particu group, that is demonstrably false.  This is why people don’t respect conservativsm and libertarianism, because they’re one in the same in terms of omitting truths and falsifying claims in order to hold on to their ideology that requires those instances of cognitive dissonance to continue existing.


Talk Less Smile More – Aaron Burr Sir face mask

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