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How did this dog end up 135 miles off shore? Somebody must’ve abandoned this dog from a boat or something and that makes whoever did it the absolute worst person ever. Glad he’s ok though.

  • Poor doggy and just look at his sad eyes.. Must be a terrifying experience for him and no one knows how he ends up there..You are one of the kindest guy for showing him compassion and gave him his forever home.. I’m so touched by your kindness and sincere respect to you Sir..
    Humanity is still alive..Bravoooo
  •  Good job, i always teary eyed with joy when i watch animals who recued by a good samaritan specially dogs, keep up the good work. He looked too tired to even bark for help. Exhaustion and hypothermia probably set in by the time he reached that structure. Thank you for helping him!
  • Glad you adopted him. I know he will have a great life now w/you and your parents. What did you name him? Thank you for giving him a great life.

Poor baby! You have a huge heart for taking the time to save this sweetie. Thank you so much for giving the pup a kind and loving pet parent.Thank you, you lovely man for rescuing this gorgeous dog. His sad eyes are now happy and he looks healthy and happy to have a forever home.

Poor baby. Thank you for rescuing this precious dog. You are wonderful. God bless. Thank you for adopting him. He’s so happy. Happy ending. The pup knows his rescuer and is delighted to see him. Thank you to those angels who rescued him, and to this very special man. Some woman should snap up this kind man of character. How one treats animals and those lesser than reveals their authentic character.

Dodo, I love your videos, I’ve watched them for years and I follow you on every platform. But, why is the audio always like someone talking from afar through a tin can? I’m sure with modern technology it could be better? Only mentioning it bc its tough on ears when wearing headphones. No hate here, just an observation. Otherwise, love your content!

Such a mystery as to where he came from and incredible he was able to survive! Amazing story and glad he’s found a wonderful forever home with his rescuer. hank you for adopting this sweet boy! It’s great to see him happy now! You can see it in his eyes! God bless you!

Swimming The Ocean is calling and i must go poster

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