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I fell in love with Portugal on our first visit & I never want to leave each time we’re there. Thinking of moving there permanently & there’s so many wonderful places to choose from. Thank you for the memories, I was supposed to be in Porto this past January but couldn’t go, still wish I had – I’d probably still be there enjoying social distancing on the beach.

  • I have a place in Portugal Daughter went to marry there and the weddings was unbelievable. I will never forget .. only when you experience. From the red carpet and champagne.
  • Than appetizers with music outside sit down lunch with so much food and beautiful deserts than open bar dancing live music and at 8pm dinner with an amazing select of sea food table a meat table a cheese table a salad table a carved watermelons  a Disney figurines made with fruit  and we were told we could stay all night .. and the hotel offered a free night to the new weds.. simple amazing.
  • When this whole thing is over, I will book a tour with you. I was already considering it. I’m thinking London walking tour. My friends have been on your tours lots of times. Watch your shows all the time. Particularly impressed that you memorize your script.
  • I don’t think he has to memorize a script. I’d say he knows more about Europe than I could ever learn. Love watching his videos. Makes me want to jump on a plane and go somewhere.

One of my very few regrets from our trip to Portugal last year was that I didn’t get to try percebes (tho I sure did try to find them)! Recommended Portugal to so many friends after that trip, and definitely hope to return someday.

We enjoyed watching the fog roll in at sunset from Siteo.The great restaurants and a perfect spot for short day trips to the nearby towns with beautiful monasteries! Stopped there for lunch last October on our way from Lisboa to O’Porto. Had a wonderful lunch and met some really interesting locals.

I didn’t eat the barnacles when we were in Nazare, but I had the best deep water fish I’ve ever eaten. Portugal was a surprising gem. 6 years ago almost to the day. Travel dreaming again. Way back to August 1985 ,I was standing right where this picture was taken. Takes me back ! My aunt & I were on a dream trip of Madeira (family homeland mom’s side) then onto mainland Portugal& Spain( a return trip for me). The only trip ever with my aunt who’s 85 years young now. Nazare was the one place I wished we could have stayed longer.


Surfing Put Something Exciting Between Your Legs Poster

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