Sugar Skull Pattern Bedding Set


Sugar Skull Pattern Bedding Set
Sugar Skull Pattern Bedding Set

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Ortiz, forty six, had just gotten married with Frankie Kleiman. Alex Garcia, the couple’s close friend, told The Miami Herald he had set them up on a blind date. Kleiman lived with his spouse and stepson on the same floor as his brother Jay Kleiman, who became on the town for a funeral, and their mother Nancy Kress Levin. The Kleimans and their mom are still missing.

Ortiz turned into described as a woman who became committed to giving her son the very best life.

“She’s a rock big name. And lovely,” Garcia informed the Herald. “And on excellent of that an excellent mom.”


Leon Oliwkowicz, 80, and his spouse Cristina Beatriz de Oliwkowicz, 74, lived on the eighth floor of the residence tower for a few years, in accordance with Venezuelan journalist Shirley Varnagy, a detailed pal of their family unit.

They were amongst six Venezuelan natives caught within the constructing’s collapse. Still lacking Monday had been Moisés Rodán, 28; Andrés Levine, 27; Luis Sadovnik, 28, and his wife, Nicole Langesfeld, Varnagy stated.

Varnagy mentioned the Oliwkowicz’s daughter had been backyard the building awaiting some information about their destiny. Her husband answered their cellphone and requested to be left alone.

The couple’s daughter, Mrs. Leah Fouhal, works as a secretary at a Jewish school within the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago, the place the couple donated a Torah in 2019 in a procession that protected a antique hearth truck, song and an enormous velvet and gold crown, in response to COLlive.Com, an Orthodox Jewish information outlet that covers Chabad-Lubavitch communities all over the world.

Sugar Skull Pattern Bedding Set

in the meantime, the fogeys of Rodán, Levine and Sadovnik live in Venezuela and traveled to the U.S. Friday. “Some didn’t have a visa, others had an expired passport, but with diplomatic collaboration they have been able to arrive,” Varnagy noted.


among the missing was Linda March, who eagerly traded a cramped big apple apartment for sparkling air and ocean views after surviving a COVID-19 infection. She even purchased a shiny red bicycle to cruise around Miami with, best friend Rochelle Laufer referred to.

March rented Penthouse 4, and turned into the use of the second bedroom of the furnished condominium as her workplace, Laufer told The associated Press on Sunday.




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