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You know what IS a scary thought? That people actually believe what you say. And worst of all. That they think your funny. I understand the desire to leave where you are at Roy…but we got that border closed for a reason….try going south maybe…cause as much as we love you and the whole show…we don’t want you up here in Canada at the momen t….luv ya…be safe

  • Let’s change the direction America is heading towards by not reelecting a psychopathic autocrat . It hasn’t worked out well for other countries throughout history! Wake up everyone! In Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 novel, “It Can’t Happen Here”, the US is taken over by a sociopath dictator, Buzz Windrup who does everything Trump is doing, now. People try to escape to Canada but are caught before they reach the border.
  • What a great lady in so many different ways…a magical mystical woman of many colors and talents! Always loved her from day one and always will. Keep on keeping on, Shania! Brad, just a great person and singer you got too realize she has always been true too herself . I love her music ever since I was in my teens so I like her music God bless . In Christ !

Love what your doing with all the retro clips and videos of your songs. Takes me back to endless hours of singing all your songs repeatedly with my daughter Shiloh and her friend, Nina

Love you Shania… love your music and ‘Outta here’ is one of my favorites! I love the original version that you have here the most! And your concerts are fantastic and a lot of fun!

Eilleen when you sing the song there is so much enjoyment, so many smiles , lots of joking type of moves with your dancers , I am now very addicted to this song , it’s like being addicted to love

she looked very sexy in this video , the way she moves in that midriff shirt and black velvet pants, but the one I really like the most is her You Win My Love video , I feel leather is her best look !

Straight Outta Scranton shirt

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