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Patience is truly a virtue at this point. My husband and I already submitted our request for the trip we were supposed to embark upon next week AND also added an Italy tour immediately following it.

  • This time a year ago I was packing 1 suitcase and 1 backpack for a trip to Ireland. We had a wonderful, fun trip. Lot’s of history, scenery, nice people to travel with,restaurants. Rick Steves tours are the way to go. Loved every minute of it. Happy to have the memories during this difficult time.
  • We were so disappointed to have our 21 day Europe trip cancelled and are hopeful we can go in 2021! Thank you Rick Steves for our prompt 100% refund. We will book again as soon as we can go with you in 2021!
  • As hard as it was to miss out on my trip to the south of France tour this past May, I know it was the best decision for you to make. I am ready to go there whenever you feel it is safe. So looking forward to it.

Even IF we were allowed travel to Europe; you could not get me on an airplane for free First Class seats.
Not until I’ve had a verified, safe, vaccine. So refreshing. Personal and corporate responsibilty. We need more of this and maybe the world can reopen sooner.Thank you.

Your philosophy in life, as well as travel, is what first drew me to your tour company. Your response to this global crisis has only strengthened my view. You have some very exciting trips listed in your proposed tours for 2021 and I’m hoping that travel will be a reality very soon!

Anxiously awaiting the green light from Europe so that we can take the trip we signed up for last year…our 8th. one with your company! I’m going to give this a try. I’m missing travel so I’ll be patient and read through your book fir future travel. Single travelers accepted?

Wow. I use your your books all the time but have never been in a tour. I will be looking at your choices because I appreciate your concern for your customers! I’ve been reading your latest book and then bought it for our daughter in Spain and our daughter in Florida. We can do our dreaming that way!

Stitch Why hello sweet cheeks have a seat poster

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